• Management Services

    Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC will perform all required Management functions of the District, which will include but not be limited to the following:

    • Attend all meetings of the Board of Supervisors and provide the Board with meaningful dialogue of the issues before the Board for action.

    • Identification of significant policies, including analysis of policy implementation with administrative and financial impact statement and effect on the District.

    • Develop and train members of the Board of Supervisor’s in the requirements of Florida Law’s, including, but not limited to, public officers and employees, and the conduct of District business.

    • Preparation of District's Budget as more fully outlined in this proposal.

    • Implementation of Budget directives.

    • Preparation of Specifications and coordination for the following services:

      o Insurance, General Liability along with Director's and Officer's Liability

      o Independent Auditor Services

      o Such other services as may be identified from time to time

    • Provide all required annual disclosure information to the local government in the County in which the District resides:

      o Public Facilities Report

      o Designation of Registered Office and Registered Agent

      o Public Meeting Schedule

      o Assist in the preparation of the Audited Financial Statements

    • Ensure compliance with the following Florida Statutes:

      o Annual Financial Audit

      o Annual Financial Report

      o Public Depositor Report

      o Proposed Budget

      o District Map and Amendments

      o Public Facilities Report

      o Registered Agent and Registered Office

      o Regular Public Meeting Schedule Notice Requirements

    (The reporting requirements of Community Development Districts periodically change and Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC will insure that we update reporting requirements of the District as the legislature updates the reporting requirements.)

    • Record all meetings of the District.

    • Provide Oath of Office and notary public for all newly elected members of the Board of Supervisors.

    • Coordinate and provide contract administration for any services provided to the District by outside vendors:

      o Develop Service Contracts for the delivery of Services to the District, with the assistance of the District’s Attorney

      o Insuring that contract specifications are being met

      o Interface with Residents and Contractors to insure that anticipated service levels are being provided

      o Prepare contract amendments and change orders as may be necessary

      o Insure proper contractor billing is receive

    • If required, provide day-to-day management of in-house operations by performing the following:

      o Hire and train a highly qualified staff

      o Coordinate all personnel applications, benefits, and payroll and submit in an accurate and timely manner

      o Prepare and implement operating schedules

      o Prepare and implement operating policies

      o Interface with Residents to insure anticipated levels of service are being met

      o Implement internal purchasing policies

      o Prepare and bid services and commodities as necessary

    • Coordinate with the Residents to determine the services and levels of service to be provided as part of the District's budget preparations:

      o Identify new services

      o Identify expanded areas of existing services

      o Identify new levels of service

      o Provide budget recommendations based on findings

  • Recording Services

    Wrathell, Hunt & Associates, LLC will perform all required Recording Secretary functions of the District, which will include but not be limited to the following:

    • Preparation of all Board Agendas and coordination of receipt of sufficient material for Board of Supervisors to make informed policy decisions.

    • Prepare and advertise all notices of meetings in an authorized newspaper of circulation in the County in which the District is located.

    • Record and transcribe all meetings of the Board of Supervisors including regular meetings, special meetings, workshops and public hearing(s). The recording and verbatim transcription (edited for grammar) of meetings of the Board provide an essential link to maintaining a highly accurate public record. These minutes are maintained by Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC in perpetuity for the District and sent to the appropriate governmental agencies in accordance with Florida Law.

    • Maintain all other District Public Records, including Agreements, Contracts, Resolutions in perpetuity for the District.

    • Maintain District Seal.

    • Satisfy Public Records Requests in a timely, professional and efficient manner.

  • Accounting Services

    Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC will perform all required financial accounting functions of the District, which will include but not be limited to the following:

    • Prepare a Budget that achieves maximum cost-to-benefit equity for approval.

    • Submit a Preliminary Budget to Board of Supervisors in accordance with Chapter 190, Florida Statutes.

    • Modify Preliminary Budget for consideration by the Board of Supervisors at the District's advertised Public Hearing.

    • Prepare Budget and Assessment Resolutions as required by Chapter 190, Florida Statutes.

    • Establish Budget Public Hearing(s) and dates.

    • Establish Board of Supervisors workshop dates (if required).

    • Coordinate Budget preparation with District Board, Engineer, Attorney and Collection Agent.

    • Prepare Budget Resolution approving the District Manager's Budget and authorization to set public hearing.

    • Prepare Budget Resolution adopting the District Manager’s Budget, as modified by the Board of Supervisors.

    • Prepare Agendas for Budget Hearings and attend all Board of Supervisor meetings.

    • Attend all workshop(s) and public hearing(s) and be available to answer questions by the Board and the Public.

    • Prepare and coordinate applications for:

      o Federal I.D. Number

      o Tax Exemption Certificate

    • Establish Government Fund Accounting System in accordance with the Uniform Accounting System prescribed by Department of Banking and Finance for Government Accounting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

    • Adhere to Investment Policies and Procedures pursuant to Chapter 218, Florida Statutes

    • Preparation of Annual Financial Report for Units of Local Government and Distribution to the State Comptroller.

    • Preparation of Public Depositor's Report and distribution to State Treasurer.

    • Coordination and Distribution of Annual Public Facilities Report and distribution to appropriate agencies.

    • Administer purchase order system, periodic payment of invoices.

    • Coordination of tax collection and miscellaneous receivables.

    • Preparation of bid specifications for the purchase of services and commodities pursuant to Florida Statutes.

    • Preparation of all required schedules for year end audit:

      o Prepare schedule of Bank Reconciliations

      o Prepare cash and Investment Confirmations for distribution to Authorized Public Depositories and Trustee of District Bond Issues

      o Prepare analysis of Accounts Receivable

      o Prepare schedule of Interfund Accounts

      o Prepare schedule of Payables from the Governments

      o Prepare schedule of all Prepaid Expenses

      o Prepare debt Confirmation Schedules

      o Prepare schedule of Accounts Payable

      o Prepare schedule of Changes in Fund Balances

      o Prepare schedule of Assessment Revenue compared to Budget

      o Prepare schedule of Interest Income and provide Reasonableness Test

      o Prepare schedule of Investments and Accrued Interest

      o Prepare analysis of All Other Revenue

      o Prepare analysis of Interest expenses and Calculate Accrued Interest Expense at Year End

      o Prepare schedule of Operating Transfers

      o Prepare schedule of Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements

      o Prepare analysis of Cost of Development and Construction in Progress

      o Prepare analysis of Reserves for Encumbrances

      o Prepare analysis of Retainages Payable

      o Prepare Amortization and Depreciation Schedules

      o Prepare General Fixed Asset and General Long-Term Debt Account Groups

      o General Fixed Asset Accounting

      o Assets constructed by or donated to the District for maintenance

      o Inventories of District property in accordance with the Rules of the Auditor General

  • Special Assessment Methodology Preparation

    • Review the District's capital improvement program

    • Determine the types of special and general benefits of proposed improvements

    • Determine which properties within the boundaries of the Districts receive special benefits and which properties receive general benefits

    • Determine a fair and reasonable apportionment of the special and peculiar benefits of the District-financed improvements among the properties deriving such benefits

    • Based on the determination and apportionment of special and peculiar benefit, calculate a fair and reasonable apportionment of the responsibility to pay the non-ad valorem special assessments resulting from funding of the Districts' capital improvement plan

    • Prepare a Special Assessment Methodology Report for consideration by the Board of Supervisors of the District

    • Prepare an assessment roll of all assessable properties within the District

    • Present the Special Assessment Methodology Report to the Board of Supervisors at a public meeting and answer any questions pertaining to the Report

    • Prepare the Preliminary and Final Assessment Rolls.

    • Prepare notices advising the property owners of the completion of construction and the amount of the final assessment.

    • Act as primary contact to answer property owners' questions regarding the capital assessment.

  • Operational Services

    • Assist the District in identifying the most appropriate entities to own and operate community assets.

    • Advise the District in the determination of which services/facilities are mandatory, recommended or discretionary.

    • Establish basic community maintenance standards and develop operating budgets.

    • Prepare and institute specific operations, maintenance and replacement schedules and procedures for all District facilities.

    • Recommend additions, deletions and changes in District services to the Board for action.

    • Ensure proper use of District facilities.

    • Ensure that District services are provided in a way that emphasizes service availability, reliability, quality, safety, cost effectiveness and meeting the specific service levels requested by the community.

    • Hire, train, supervise and review the performance of all District staff.

    • Prepare contract specifications, negotiate with potential vendors and supervise contract specifications are followed.

    • Make recommendations on contract approval, rejection, amendment, renewal, and cancellation.

    • Provide overall contract administration and supervision for all contracts.

    • Periodically review all District facilities and services and present recommendations to the Board.

    • Develop long-term plans for management and renewal/rebuilding of District and other community assets.

    • Provide assistance with identifying and securing potential funding sources for capital programs.

    • Coordinate with other governments, HOA/POA and community organizations managing community infrastructure.

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